Our Experts

At FSG, our experts share three primary characteristics. First, our experts have comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of their fields, experience working with the data and applying the analytical methods used in their fields, and a deep understanding of the issues that arise in their disciplines. Second, our experts have the insight and assurance that come from years of experience as teachers and researchers, as practitioners, or, in many cases, as both. Third, our experts know how to express themselves clearly; how to present their findings concisely; and how to communicate their opinions forcefully and credibly.

Some of our experts—our Managing Directors and Principals—have had long and successful careers as full-time consultants, in business and in connection with litigation. Other FSG experts—our Academic Affiliates—are professors at leading universities. Some are current or former chairpersons of their finance, economics, or accounting departments; others have served in government, at the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve System, and elsewhere. Still other FSG experts— our Professional Affiliates—have gained their knowledge and special skills over the course of long careers in industry or finance or the professions.