Our Expertise


We organize our practice areas in much the same way that business schools organize their faculties. That’s because, in some ways, we are very much like a leading business school. Our in-house experts, many of whom teach courses or lead seminars on occasion, and our Affiliated Experts, many of whom are university professors, are colleagues in a single faculty. The combined knowledge and expertise of our “faculty”—in the six disciplines listed above—spans all major business functions; together, we understand how all kinds of businesses and virtually all markets work. At the same time, each of our experts specializes in a single discipline and over time has developed a deep knowledge of one or two industries, one or two markets, or one or two key aspects of business activity.

The benefits of organizing FSG in this way are breadth, depth, and the sharing of methods and insights across different disciplines. As a firm, our expertise is very broad, which helps us to help clients with the full range of issues that arise in the marketplace and in business litigation. Yet, in each of our practice areas, we have multiple experts with specialized knowledge of the types of data and analytic methods commonly used, who know the academic literature and pertinent business research well, and who keep abreast of current issues and recent developments. Moreover, where a client’s particular issue cuts across two or more business functions, we can take a multidisciplinary approach. For example, we can draw on our economic and marketing expertise for a false advertising case, or draw on our expertise in accounting, economics, and valuation for a patent infringement case.