Our Expertise

At Finance Scholars Group, we organize our practice areas in much the same way that business schools organize their faculties; Several of our in-house experts teach courses or lead seminars while many of our Affiliated Experts are university professors. The combined knowledge and expertise of our colleagues spans all major business functions, all within one faculty. Each of our experts specializes in a singular discipline and over time has developed a deep knowledge of their respective industries, markets, and aspects of business activity. Together, we understand how a great variety of businesses and markets work.
Organizing FSG in this way provides our clients a range, depth, and the sharing of methods and insights across different disciplines. As a firm, the broadness of our expertise allows us to help clients with the full range of issues that arise in the marketplace and in business litigation. Having experts with specialized, secular knowledge, we can take a multidisciplinary approach when a client’s particular issue cuts across two or more business functions. For example, we can draw on our economic and marketing expertise for a false advertising case, or draw on our expertise in accounting, economics, and valuation for a patent infringement case.