Why the Pens?


Spreadsheets, financial statements, time series data, cross-sectional data, surveys and samples, regressions, forecasts—we love that stuff! And we hope this website has convinced you that we are very good analysts. But at FSG, being good with numbers is not enough. Communicating well, orally and in writing, is critical to our success, and also to yours. We acknowledge that economists and accountants are not known as great communicators, and for good reason. Nonetheless, here at FSG, we try to express ourselves clearly and concisely and to avoid jargon and cant. We may not always succeed, but we try.*

Which brings us to the pens. Pens, of course, are tools for communicating with others. We display pens throughout this website for a reason: They remind us that FSG is in the communications business. They remind us that conveying our ideas, insights, findings, and opinions to others clearly, in a convincing and compelling manner, is just as important as getting the numbers right.

*By the way, if you find unneeded jargon or, even worse, grammatical errors on this website, please let us know. We’ll fix it!