Finding the right expert can be critical to the success of an engagement, especially in business litigation. We use a three-step approach to identify the right expert for a potential assignment. First, we listen carefully to our clients to understand their issues, their requirements, and their preferences. Next, we search for appropriate candidates from among our in-house and Affiliated Experts. We know these experts well—not only their areas of expertise, but their strengths (and weaknesses), too—and have worked successfully with most of them on multiple cases. Third, if none of our in-house or Affiliated Experts is right for an assignment or if a client simply wants more options, we reach outside our usual network and search for unaffiliated experts who can meet a client’s needs. Our close ties to academia and our network of Affiliated Experts are valuable resources when we undertake such a search. Our many contacts at leading universities and in the business and professional communities extend our reach considerably and often help us find suitable experts for clients from outside our usual network. Whether a client selects an in-house expert, an Affiliated Expert, or an unaffiliated expert to lead an engagement, FSG provides the same high level of analytical and administrative support to the expert and to our client.