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To enhance our services to clients, FSG has entered into a strategic alliance with The Claro Group, LLC, a financial advisory and management consulting firm with approximately 200 professionals. Claro has deep expertise and extensive experience in insurance claims, environmental litigation, investigations, government contracts, health provider management, and other areas, and has a talented staff of accountants and financial analysts. Our working alliance with Claro expands the services FSG can offer clients and gives us the staffing capabilities to take on the largest and most demanding litigation-related engagements. Learn more about The Claro Group here.

Frequently Asked Questions About The FSG/Claro Alliance

The Claro Group is a financial advisory and management consulting firm with approximately 200 employees and offices in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington, DC., and Austin, TX. Claro provides analysis, solutions, and expert services in high-stakes litigation matters, insurance claims for businesses, and matters involving government contracts. Claro also provides consulting services to hospitals and health systems to improve profitability through strategic cost reductions and enhanced revenue realization.
FSG and The Claro Group have complementary strengths. FSG has a network of academic and professional affiliates with exceptional expertise across a broad range of business disciplines. Claro has been serving law firms, corporations, and government agencies for more than 30 years, and has built strong relationships with major law firms throughout the country. Through our Alliance, Claro is able to offer its law firm and corporate clients a broader range of services and greater expertise, as well as access to FSG’s affiliated academic and professional experts. Likewise, by drawing on Claro’s skills and experience, FSG can offer our clients expanded expert services in such areas as forensic investigations, insurance claims, environmental litigation, government contracting, and health care management. FSG also can access Claro’s talented professional staff in offices throughout the country to help us meet client’s litigation support and expert needs arising in even the largest of cases.
FSG’s primary objective always has been and will continue to be to serve clients efficiently and well, by providing a range of expert services of very high quality at a reasonable cost. Our alliance with Claro helps us meet this objective, by expanding and enhancing the services we can offer to clients and broadening and deepening the resources we can draw on the help clients solve problems and meet needs.
Mostly, no. Many current FSG cases will not be affected in any way by our alliance with Claro; management and administration of those cases will not change. In a few cases, we may recommend that a case be transitioned to Claro for case management and administrative purposes; any such transition will be done only with your concurrence and in a manner that makes the transition as seamless as possible.
FSG and Claro have established a close working relationship, which should be seamless from the perspective of clients. On many new matters, FSG will be responsible for case management and administration, just as in the past, even when we draw on resources at Claro to help us meet your needs. On other matters, we may recommend that Claro take on responsibility for case management and administration. In choosing between these two options, efficiency and your preferences will be paramount. In either case, we will perform our work for you so as to meet the very high standards for quality of work and client service that you have come to expect from FSG.
Yes. As of April 1, 2014, Jeff Andrien, formerly President of FSG, became a Managing Director of The Claro Group and all other employees of FSG’s Austin office joined Jeff as employees of Claro. We believe this transition will enhance and strengthen ties between our two firms going forward and help make the FSG/Claro Alliance successful and productive, for FSG, for Claro, and for our clients.
Jeff Andrien now has overall responsibility for Claro’s services to clients on cases involving outside experts and Marc Vellrath remains responsible for FSG’s services to clients on cases involving outside experts. Jeff and Marc, assisted by others at Claro and FSG, manage the FSG/Claro Alliance, working together much as they did for the past decade. If you have additional questions about FSG or Claro or the FSG/Claro Alliance, please feel free to contact either Marc or Jeff:

Marc Vellrath, Ph.D., CFA
Chairman and CEO
Finance Scholars Group, Inc.
Two Theatre Square, Suite 218
Orinda, California 94563
(925) 258-9600 x14
Jeff Andrien
Managing Director
The Claro Group LLC
5000 Plaza on the Lake, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 703-4600