“What is it worth?” That question is asked in more situations, particularly in times of volatile financial markets and ongoing changes required under GAAP accounting. Of course, the valuation of closely-held assets and businesses has long been a part of transaction, the granting of options, strategic planning, disputes, and tax matters. Whether trying to determine … Continue reading "Valuation"


The marketing landscape has become populated by specialized players using sophisticated technologies and techniques. Often in business litigation, jurors and judges need help understanding this unfamiliar terrain. FSG has world-renowned marketing experts that can guide finders of fact through the complex strategies and tactics that drive today’s markets. Branding Companies sometimes invest millions of dollars … Continue reading "Marketing"

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property plays an increasing role in business today—even in traditional “brick and mortar” firms where patents, trademarks and other IP enhance or protect the value of the tangible assets. With this recognition comes a focus on understanding, valuing and protecting intellectual property. Each of these functions presents its own unique challenges and requires a … Continue reading "Intellectual Property"


There are few markets more complex, or more important, than financial markets. There are few products more complicated, or more pervasive, than financial products. There are few businesses more powerful and influential, for better or worse, than the large financial institutions that participate in today’s global financial markets. And, there are few areas of litigation … Continue reading "Finance"


FSG’s Economics Practice consists of economists, econometricians, and statisticians, as well as a group of seasoned professional consultants. Each practice member has extensive experience analyzing competitive issues with respect to litigation matters, regulatory policies and/or auctions. Our experts have convincingly presented their findings through written reports, deposition testimony, and trial testimony before various regulatory agencies … Continue reading "Economics"


FSG’s accounting practice includes practicing CPAs, many of whom have held partnership and leadership positions at large, public accounting firms, as well as prominent accounting professors at top-tier business schools. Each of our accounting experts is highly experienced in applying their accounting knowledge and acumen in different settings, including disputes and investigations. They have opined … Continue reading "Accounting"